AITST Core Values

Agility: We are persistently agile by nature: we identify the macro needs and are motivated to deliver sustainable solutions to fill the large gaps to uplift the marginal communities in Africa

Innovation: We believe that most of the large problems can be solved only through cutting-edge and innovative technology interventions. 

Transparency: We recognize that transparency of our resources and abilities are only a small part of what is needed to achieve our goals and that our impact is greater when we work with others. 

Sustainability: We embark on our mission with focus, dedication, and passion to maximize our impact through holistic approach and sustainable practices. 

Trust: We strive to create a trustworthy atmosphere for all the stakeholders that enables them to work towards a collective vision without any prejudices. 

Our Unique Advantage

Access to advanced global science and technology


Extensive presence & access in Sub Saharan Africa

Proven prototypes of successful farming models

Our Story

AITST is the brainchild of two visionaries, Mahesh Patel and Arun Tiwari. They came together in 2017 and decided to establish the foundation as a result of a unique synergy. The central concept was to bring technology interventions from India, Arun’s turf, to Africa, where Mahesh has built an agribusiness empire that has at its core the smallholder farmers. 

Arun and Mahesh deploy their vast networks, resources and expertise towards bringing key stakeholders together to ideate and design breakthrough projects. While Mahesh is adept at convincing Afrian premieres of the viability of certain projects, Arun leverages his influence amongst Indian ministries, parastatals and civil service landscape. Together, they are a formidable pair who share the same vision and the determination to realise it.


Make a positive impact. Join our team!

AITST is a team of talented, passionate, forward-thinking professionals from a variety of fields, all relentlessly committed to our causes. AITST is currently looking for candidates who share our values. We need people who are bold, responsible, committed, and cooperative; people who are driven to deliver the highest quality work in a fast-paced environment

For current openings, write to us at