Focus Areas


AITST works with thousands of smallholder farmers across Africa to integrate them into resilient agribusiness value chains by providing them with opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs. Farmers are involved in the production of high value commodities and are supported with fully irrigated plots, high-yield seeds, fertilizers and herbicides, mechanized harvesting services and transportation. The result of these projects have been greatly enhanced yields, leading to unprecedented income growth, asset ownership and wealth creation.


Simple technology exists in the world that, if used appropriately, can benefit millions. AITST brings these technologies, such as atmospheric water generators and hybrid solar units, to remote villages where basic utilities such as electricity and water are still not a daily reality for local inhabitants. 


Our approach towards health is preventive rather than reactive. Hence, we initiate projects that are geared at improving overall health and productivity amongst vulnerable populations, instead of just managing disease. Good health is a result of clean water, adequate nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, and proper nutrition. AITST utilises a multi-pronged approach that addresses these requirements in a comprehensive manner.